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Tips Improve Child Dental Habits

A lot of people assume that maintaining children’s dental health is not as important due to the fact that they end up losing a lot of their baby teeth in their early years. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, however, as developing good dental habits from an early age sets the precedent for how they’ll treat their teeth later on in life.   Continue reading Tips to Improve Your Child’s Dental Habits

Eating Disorders Affect Oral Health

Eating disorders are a serious problem that come with serious consequences — but did you know that they can affect your dental/oral health amongst other things? The negative effects of an ED on your mouth can fluctuate in severity depending entirely on the individual. In this blog post, our team at Weston Dental Office would like to explain some of the main symptoms your mouth & teeth undergo while suffering with these disorders, as well as explain some common ED’s to gain some contextual ground.  Continue reading Eating Disorders & How They Affect Your Oral Health

proper hygiene oral health

With the dramatic world changes due to COVID-19, hygiene has been an important part in keeping people safe. More than ever, you are probably hyperconscious about keeping yourself clean. Were you aware, however, that your bodily hygiene can actually affect your oral hygiene? Here at Weston Dental Officewe would like to explain why this is the case, and what you can do to prevent bad hygiene practices from affecting your mouth and teeth. Continue reading Why Proper Hygiene Is Important to Your Oral Health

tips keep teeth healthy for summer

As the summer months are upon us, our team at Weston Dental Office has a few tips for you to help keep your oral health at its best. These tips include remembering your routine, planning ahead, keeping hydrated, remaining safe, and getting the perfect amount of sun. By following these tips from our dental office in Toronto, you will be on the right path to enjoy the summer with a happy and healthy smile. Continue reading Tips to Keep Your Teeth in Great Health for the Summer

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