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Are you someone who suffers from grinding their teeth? There are many people who suffer from this issue, and it can actually leave the jaw feeling sore or even numb. What about clenching? This can result in similar problems also. Some people do not even know they have these problems until they go in for a dental visit. They then find out that the pain is actually caused by bruxism. Bruxism is a terribly bad habit of clenching your teeth or even grinding them. Continue reading Why Grinding Teeth Is Bad for Your Health


Unfortunately for most, a toothache will likely sneak up on you at some point in your life. As much as we can try to have a solid oral care routine, there is still the possibility. When thinking of a toothache, most people would automatically assume that it is due to a cavity. However, there are many other possible causes of a toothache.
Continue reading Thinking your toothache is from a cavity? Here are some other possible causes of toothaches

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