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Why Grinding Teeth Is Bad for Your Health


Are you someone who suffers from grinding their teeth? There are many people who suffer from this issue, and it can actually leave the jaw feeling sore or even numb. What about clenching? This can result in similar problems also. Some people do not even know they have these problems until they go in for a dental visit. They then find out that the pain is actually caused by bruxism. Bruxism is a terribly bad habit of clenching your teeth or even grinding them.

Symptoms of Bruxism

People who have a habit of clenching their teeth or grinding them may experience headaches at the time of waking up. Sometimes the face will become sore and the jaw will hurt with the joints being very tender. Some people can even experience earaches or toothaches. While the pain can be very uncomfortable there is also some other worries associated with bruxism. Over time the grinding can result in damage to dental restorations and can even cause teeth to become loose. Joints like the temporomandibular can become damaged. It is important to seek care.

Pressure from bruxism can cause some serious damage to the teeth as well. All of the grinding or even clenching can cause the teeth to crack under the pressure. This can result in fractures in the teeth. The tooth enamel with eventually give way and the dentin will be vulnerable to exposure. This is very painful when it occurs. Teeth will become highly sensitive to temperatures of different foods.

The cause of bruxism has not been studied thoroughly. There could be a lot of underlying factors that could put one at risk. Sometimes teeth that are out of line can cause bruxism. Sleeping problems, abnormal bites or even stress can also be some factors.

Treatment of Bruxism

One thing that can help is to keep up with regular dentist appointments. This can identify any issues with bruxism before other problems arise. A dentist will know exactly what plan of treatment is best for you. If the pain in the face is present, the dentist will be able to help identify the cause and provide some possible solutions.

Depending on the outcome of the dental exam, treatments can vary. Sometimes a night guard is recommended. A dentist can design a night guard that will be made to fit your mouth comfortably. The night guard should be soft and may be a bit awkward. However, in time it will become more comfortable as you get used to wearing it.

Stress should try to be avoided at best. Some coping skills should be set in place other than grinding teeth. A therapist or counselor can help manage stress in positive ways. They certainly are worth looking into for a visit.

Sometimes an abnormal bite can be the cause of clenching or grinding teeth. There are a couple of things that dentists can do to help resolve the problem. Sometimes treatment can involve reducing the high spots on one or several of the teeth. Sometimes reshaping is recommended. This relieves pressure greatly.

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