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Improve Your Oral Health with Proper Nutrition

Your whole health is greatly affected by your nutrition. When you are not drinking or eating properly, your immune system and organs are more prone to disease. You may also develop oral health issues that can lead to further complications.

Improving your diet and oral cleaning habits will help improve your health overall. Weston Dental Office, your Toronto dentist, has put together some helpful suggestions to keep your gums and teeth healthier through a more nutritious diet.

Lower Sugar Consumption

One of the tops causes of dental issues is sugar. Bacteria thrive on sugar and can cause dental caries and other decay in your mouth when left unchecked. Be aware of how much sugar you consume by reading labels and generally being aware of your consumption.

Snacking is normal for most, and while you may feel the need to munch, it is important to choose healthy snacks. Those that are sugar-free and non-sticky are the best for your teeth. As alluring as candy might be, it can stick to your teeth and whittle down your enamel. Opt for vegetables that have a lot of fibre and sugar-free gum instead.

Fruits & Vegetables Are Your Friends

Fruits and vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins your body needs to stay strong. The nutrients, fibre, and water in these items help to balance the sugars in your body. Chewing fresh fruit and vegetables also helps to stimulate saliva production. This helps to rid your mouth of excess food particles and acids that can harm your teeth.

All fruits and vegetables are healthy, but some are more beneficial than others. Make a point to eat colourfully. Aim for a balanced mix of dark leafy greens, bright-coloured fruits, and red options to fill up on calcium and vitamin C. All of these help to strengthen your bones and tooth enamel.

Mushrooms contain an antibacterial compound called lentinan that helps prevent plaque and fights bacterial growth. Onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and squash are also good for your body and oral health. Citrus and berries are loaded with calcium and vitamin C. Just be careful not to overindulge, as these foods still contain sugar.

Increase Your Fluids

Drinking more water will naturally lower the levels of sugar in your blood and your mouth. Additionally, it will help improve your skin, hair, digestion, and other bodily functions. Skip on processed fruit drinks and sodas, and instead opt for water or even lemon water. When you brush your teeth, make a point of using fluoridated water to boost your oral health.

Stock up on Dairy & Protein

Phosphorus is a great way to strengthen your teeth, and it is found in abundance in lean proteins. Adding items such as eggs, fish, poultry, milk, and lean red meat to your diet will help keep you healthy and boost your oral health too. Make sure to consume ample amounts of dairy to maintain a steady level of casein in your mouth. This helps to neutralize bacteria acids, which can lead to tooth decay if left unchecked.

How We Can Help

It is important to live a healthy lifestyle because being healthy is the only way we can enjoy life to its fullest. By taking care of your health and eating properly, you can also prevent many common oral health concerns. The pain caused by dental issues can be difficult to deal with, so it’s best to take the proper precautions and avoid them entirely. However, if you are experiencing any issues with your oral health, Weston Dental Office is always here to help with your general dentistry inquiries. For more information or to set up a dental appointment, give us a call at (416) 247-1928 today.

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