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Have You Lost Your Crown or Filling?

lost tooth crown

Those that have ever had a tooth crown in their mouth or a cavity filled, there are materials that can sometimes fall out. While rarely something to call 911 over, it can be quite painful, and you may need some relief until you see your dentist. It’s not uncommon for decay to occur underneath, causing this filling or crown to fall out due to the fit changing.

What Can I Do When This Happens?

You might be in the middle of eating something delicious when you bite down and find that something hurts, and your crown or filling may have fallen out. If you’ve lost your crown – don’t fret. If it’s a crown that has fallen out of your mouth, you must put the fallen crown away for safe keeping until your dentist can see you. You shouldn’t way long, either, as your tooth will be extremely vulnerable, and could be damaged more when not protected. Crowns that aren’t repaired and replaced may cause the tooth to move around on its own terms, and it may no longer fit.

Can’t get to the dentist right away and need relief? Take a look at these tips:

  • Able to reach the area that hurts? Take a cotton swab and apply a bit of clove oil. This will ensure that the pain is dulled a bit. Thankfully, clove oil doesn’t cost much and can be purchased in just about any pharmacy. You can also find it in your local supermarket in the spice aisle. As cringy as that sounds, it shouldn’t hurt you to apply this.
  • For those that have the crown: you can put it back over the tooth temporarily, but make sure it’s clean. If it doesn’t stay on well, we don’t suggest keeping it there or else it becomes a choking hazard. Some dentists recommend holding it in place with tooth cement that you can find at your local pharmacy. While these are great solutions, they are only temporary and shouldn’t be used on a day to day basis without visiting a dental professional. There are other dental adhesives that would work great, as well, and it’s worth mentioning that standard adhesives should not be used. Only oral/dental adhesives, as the rest can rot and harm your teeth, as well as your crown.
  • Don’t have the crown? We also recommend covering the tooth surface in dental cement to help ensure that the seal is protected. This shouldn’t be a permanent or an even long-term solution. You should find a way to get to your dentist ASAP and not letting this sit this way forever.

What a Dentist Will Do

When you see your local dental professional, and the crown fits properly, your dentist will make sure to clean the area and put it back on with ease. When the tooth has been affected by any sort of decay, and that’s the reasoning for the crown slipping off, you will need repairs done to your teeth and a replacement to be made. If you’re having trouble with a lost crown or filling, contact Weston Dental Office at (416) 247-1928 today.

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