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How Poor Dental Care Harms Your Overall Health

Oral Health and dental health

It’s important to know that taking care of your mouth is a great goal to strive towards. When you have healthy gums and healthy teeth, you feel less self-conscious, and you’re not going to be in any pain as you eat. Furthermore, having great oral health prevents tooth decay and oral diseases in the future.

However, did you know that poor oral health can also lead to more serious issues that don’t connect to your mouth? Some of these issues include stroke, heart attack, preterm labor, and even diabetes!

Your Mouth Reveals Your Health

You might wonder what your mouth has to do with your overall health, but a glimpse at your saliva under a microscope can actually rule out a lot of health issues.

Oral Symptoms of Health Conditions

Your mouth is a great way to find out what’s going on within your body, and may give you a glimpse into your future. In it, you can find signs of diseases or ailments, such as oral lesions or bacteria. Mouth lesions and other oral issues may be related to diabetes or AIDS, and getting these tested can help you and your doctors form a proper treatment plan.

Saliva Helping Diagnose

A simple and non-invasive method for testing for certain diseases is to take a swab of your saliva. There, they will be able to test a variety of things such as cortisol, bone proteins, and even detect certain components for cancer. Routine testing can be done to ensure that there are no hormone issues, no drugs, no environmental toxins, or antibodies for HIV and hepatitis. In doing so, you can plan for a safer future.

Protection Against Harm

Since saliva is a huge defense mechanism our body puts out on display, it contains many antibodies that ensure protection against viral pathogens. In having these within the saliva, your body fights against illnesses, such as Candida albicans, and oral thrush.

Your Mouth is an Infection Zone

Since mouths are prone to an incredible number of diseases, it’s important that you brush and floss normally, or else you’ll become susceptible to:

  • Trench mouth
  • Periodontitis
  • Gingivitis

Even if you have a health immune system, and you’re someone that takes care of your body, there is still a chance of endocarditis, which is where oral bacteria inserts itself into your bloodstream and sticks to the heart valve’s lining that has become diseased.

You may find that plaque has become a common link between the following conditions:

Cardiovascular disease – oral inflammation from gingivitis can clog the heart’s arteries and form blood clots in your body.

Diabetes that isn’t properly controlled – those that have diabetes are more at risk for gum disease, causing an even worse version of diabetes to erupt.

Premature labor – It’s not uncommon for mouth issues to cause premature birth because of the toxins released in the bacteria-infested mouth.

Form Great Habits

At the end of the day, you should always brush and floss your teeth as best as you can, while schedule yourself for regular visits. In doing so, you can attempt to prevent diseases from running amuck in your system. For a professional cleaning and gum evaluation, contact Weston Dental Office at (416) 247-1928 today.

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