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Five Signs You Are In Need Of A Root Canal

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Trying to figure out whether or not you need a root canal is similar to the process of trying to figure out if you need a filling. In the early stages of tooth decay, it can be hard to figure out whether or not any type of dental filling or root canal is needed.

More often than not, you will need help from a dentist to determine whether or not there is any deterioration of the tooth, as spots of decay can go unnoticed.  

Root canals are performed in order to repair teeth that have become infected or decayed significantly. When the pulp of the tooth is damaged, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. This area is highly sensitive, full of nerves and blood vessels, which is why you will often feel pain when decay reaches this spot. If you feel as though you may have a problem with one or more of your teeth, then look over this checklist to help determine whether you may or may not need a root canal treatment. 

1. Tooth That Has Been Cracked/Chipped 

You can chip or crack your teeth by sustaining injury or eating hard foods. Even previous dental work can cause teeth to crack or chip if the dental job was not done properly. When teeth undergo this type of damage, it has the potential to expose the nerves of the tooth to all the bacteria from the outside and inside of your mouth. This leads to complications with infection, and in rare cases, if left untreated, can enter the bloodstream and affect other areas of your body.  

2. Swollen Gums 

When your gums are swollen, it is often an indication of hidden problems in the teeth. Painful gums are also a warning sign, so if you have one of the two or both, get a dentist to take a look at your teeth. 

3. Constant Pain 

This one deems itself as the most obvious, but often most ignored sign. If you are feeling constant pain in your tooth, it can likely be due to the root being damaged. Activities such as drinking and eating will also become a very uncomfortable and unbearable experience. If you feel constant pain and discomfort in any spot on your tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible. 

4. Tooth Discolouration  

When your tooth is discoloured, it is usually because it isn’t being taken care of properly. Poor oral hygiene causes teeth to change in colour and start to decay or get infected. Certain foods and drinks can also stain the teeth and change the colour as well. Nerve damage underneath the surface of the tooth is also a reason there may be discolouration. With so many different possible causes, it is best to book an appointment to be safe and determine whether or not it is serious. 

5. Hot & Cold Sensitivity 

Have you gone to sip a hot coffee, and it sends a jolt into your tooth and through your body? You may be surprised to hear that this is not a good sign. Sensitive teeth are one thing, but if you feel immense nerve pain from eating or drinking hot/cold things, this could be a sign of severe tooth decay or infection.  

How We Can Help 

If you have one or more of the signs listed above, and need a dentist to take a look at your teeth, we here at Weston Dental Office can help. From the second you walk into our office to the second you leave, you can be certain that your experience with us is comfortable, safe and effective. To learn more about our General Dentistry in Toronto, be sure to call us at 416-247-1928 today! 

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