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Tips to Keep Your Teeth in Great Health for the Summer

tips keep teeth healthy for summer

As the summer months are upon us, our team at Weston Dental Office has a few tips for you to help keep your oral health at its best. These tips include remembering your routine, planning ahead, keeping hydrated, remaining safe, and getting the perfect amount of sun. By following these tips from our dental office in Toronto, you will be on the right path to enjoy the summer with a happy and healthy smile.

1. Remembering Your Routine

In the summer months, it’s easy to throw away old routines as you are busy with hobbies, friends, or vacations. But we are here to remind you that you should resist the temptation of skipping brushing your teeth. It’s extremely important that you stick to your dental routine of brushing your teeth at least twice a day to avoid any oral health issues.

2. Planning Ahead

Usually in the summer is when everyone becomes very busy. Whether you have a vacation booked or a weekend getaway planned, it is always important to remember your oral health.

In some cases, its best if you book an appointment at your dentist before you set sail on your vacation so that any problems can be treated early. There is nothing worse than needing an emergency dental appointment while on a trip or better yet cancelling the rest of your trip to come home and see the dentist.

3. Keeping Hydrated

Although staying hydrated in the hot summer months is good for your general health, it is also good for your oral health. The best items to drink are water and milk to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Avoiding lots of fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and drinks that are high in acid and sugar should be avoided as they can lead to dental erosion and early signs of tooth decay.

4. Remaining Safe

Research shows that in the summer months many people are more prone to use their teeth for jobs they are not intended for. This includes opening packages or bottles with your teeth as well as using your teeth to hold items when you don’t have an extra hand. All of these actions should be avoided at all costs as they can lead to broken, cracked, or shifted teeth.

5. Getting the Perfect Amount of Sun

This may seem like a strange concept, but there is actually a right amount of sun that leads to healthier gums. Sun provides vitamin D which contributes to a healthier immune system and it has also been shown to prevent gum disease. Gum disease is extremely serious as it can lead to issues linked to heart health, diabetes, and mental health.

How We Can Help

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