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Reasons Why A Tooth Extraction Will Need To Be Performed

tooth extraction reasons

Not many people know that a dental office will do anything possible to avoid a tooth extraction. This is mainly because treatments that restore the teeth are much more available these days, saving even the most damaged ones from complete removal.

There are, however, some issues that can only be solved properly with a tooth extraction. We here at Weston Dental Office want to explain what those instances are below.  


Preventing overcrowding is important, as this problem can lead to many other health issues down the road. This problem is most commonly found in wisdom teeth; a lot of times, the mouth is not big enough to accommodate these extra teeth. A wisdom tooth extraction will be determined by an orthodontist, so it is done only if necessary.  

Gum Disease 

This type of disease is brutal on the teeth as it does not only irritate gum tissue but can also, in its severest form, break down the bone that holds the teeth in place. When this bone tissue is broken down enough, teeth will eventually start to become loose, and in some cases even fall out. When the tooth does not have a foundation to stay secure in the jaw anymore, an extraction is needed. 

Acute Decay 

When plaque isn’t being cleaned or removed for long periods of time, it can break down the layers of tooth enamel and reach the center of the tooth. This is where the root is, and if it is damaged as well, it will eventually decay and die. When you extract the tooth that has gone through severe decay, it will prevent the decay from spreading to other teeth in the mouth. 

Physical Trauma 

Teeth are known to be held in place quite strongly by the periodontal ligament. When you fall or go through a sports injury, it has the possibility of damaging your teeth so much that the ligament is damaged. This, in turn, will leave your tooth loose or completely fallen out.  


When a tooth is being blocked from growing any further, whether that is from another tooth in the way or a gum tissue problem, it can become impacted. When this type of problem is left untreated, the risk of oral infection skyrockets. Impacted teeth can also cause problems for your other teeth, inflicting damage to ones that would otherwise be healthy. In this case, an extraction is most likely the best method to undergo.  


How We Can Help 

If you are experiencing one or multiple of the issues listed above, is it important that you get dental help immediately. On the chance that an extraction is necessary, there is no need to worry when you have our team at Weston Dental Office to take care of it. Our team is highly experienced to help with all of your dental needs, both cosmetic and health related. To learn more about our General Dentistry in Toronto, be sure to give us a call at 416-247-1928 today.  

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