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Why Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Often Necessary

Imagine going to the dentist for a regular check-up only to be informed that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Even if your wisdom teeth are not hurting you, the dentist may advise you to remove them in advance. You may be wondering why. Oral surgery is a common practice, as is wisdom teeth removal. Most young adults that visit our Toronto General Dentistry office here at Weston Dental will undergo a wisdom tooth extraction, but it may not always be required. We have put together a short list of reasons why your dentist may suggest that your wisdom teeth be removed.

Preventing Future Problems

Many people who have emerging wisdom teeth never experience any type of discomfort while others may feel unbearable pain. Sometimes your dentist will notice that the teeth are coming in the wrong way, are stuck on other parts of your jaw, or that they are impacted. As a result, the tooth will not be able to emerge from your jaw into the space in your mouth. These issues can damage your healthy teeth as well. This is why some suggest that your wisdom teeth be removed before problems arise.

The longer you have your wisdom teeth, the harder they become to extract. Therefore, early removal is preferred. Complications that can arise from late removal include fractured teeth, numbness, heavy bleeding, and mild loss of jaw movement. These side effects can last from a few days to your entire life.

Times When Removal Is Needed

Anytime your wisdom teeth are causing pain or when scans show signs of future issues, they will need to be removed. Removal is also required if the wisdom teeth are pushing into the surrounding teeth. Customarily this will cause damage, bite deformities, and pain.

Wisdom teeth can also cause irreparable damage to your jaw. A cyst may form around teeth that are trying to emerge. If left untreated, the cysts will cause hollow areas in your jaw and nerve damage. Wisdom teeth can also trigger problems with your sinuses such as pressure, pain, and congestion.

Wisdom teeth can also cause the gums around your back teeth to become inflamed and hard to clean. When your gums are inflamed, it can foster an environment that encourages the growth of bacteria which leads to cavities.

Wisdom Teeth & Mouth Shape

The size and shape of your mouth play a significant part in the ability of your wisdom teeth to erupt safely. Some people have enough space to accommodate extra teeth while others do not. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, they may cause your other teeth to become crowded. In some cases, they can even change the alignment of all of your teeth, which may result in the need for braces.

What to Do Next

Are you still worried about removing your wisdom teeth? Feel free to get in touch with any of our friendly oral health specialists at Weston Dental Office by calling (416) 247-1928. We will happily go over the pros and cons of wisdom tooth removal and schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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