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X-rays used for dental treatment are generally considered very safe. X-rays have an even lower amount of radiation compared to other imaging procedures. To give you a general idea, a routine scan of your teeth exposes you to the same amount of radiation you would experience on a short airline flight. Visiting the dentist can be scary, Weston Dental Office understands your concern so to help you feel more comfortable we have put together an information package that tells you a bit more about dental X-rays. Continue reading Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Managing aging oral health

As you get older, good oral health care becomes even more important than ever. One common myth about aging is that tooth loss is inevitable. If you take care of your teeth and gums, there is no reason that you can’t live your entire life with your natural teeth. Just like the rest of your body, your mouth undergoes various changes as you grow older. The nerves become more sensitive to dental caries and other issues due to their decreased size, but with regular dental visits, you can ensure that potential problems are caught in time for proper treatment. Weston Dental Office has a few suggestions to help you maintain your oral hygiene routine as you age. Continue reading Managing Aging and Oral Health


Not everyone goes through life without needing a little bit of extra help to get the smile they want. While some may want correction when they are younger, there are also plenty of adults that want to perfect their pout for work or for personal reasons. Thankfully cosmetic dentistry has become accessible to people of all ages making achieving the perfect smile you desire no further than a phone call away. Our talented dentists here at Weston Dental have been working with people just like you to fine tune their current look, or to get that new smile they always dreamed of. Continue reading Improving Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry


Most people know just how bad smoking is for your health, but not very many people understand the negative effects smoking has on your oral health. Your mouth is the first point of contact when you smoke, as such, it gets the most damage. Many people have touted vaping as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but in actuality, it also has negative effects on oral health. Continue reading The Effects of Vaping on Oral Health


If you suffer from weak tooth problems such as multiple cavities or white spots, the cause could be due to the enamel on your teeth having become demineralized. We will briefly explain what demineralization of the tooth enamel is and how you can remineralize your teeth to strengthen them and reduce future oral complications. Keep in mind that demineralization is not tooth damage, but rather a precursor to damage and other dental issues. Continue reading Restoring Demineralized Tooth Enamel


The majority of dentists will warn against oral piercings due to the various complications that they entail. The side effects you may encounter after a piercing in any part of your mouth is similar to those you would experience if you suffered a random puncture wound, or underwent a procedure that required an incision. This entails mainly swelling, pain, and the formation of scar tissue. Infections are always a danger initially, but secondary infections are much more serious.  In some cases, secondary infections on oral piercings can be catastrophic that surgery is needed to correct the damage, and it’s not always reversible. Continue reading Piercings and Oral Health


Poor Oral Health Can Result in Pregnancy Difficulties

There is a lot of new scientific information out there stating a clear effect of poor oral health on an unborn baby. Women who have been known to have gum disease may have a higher risk for a premature birth.

While research is still in its early stages, there are clear links. Babies can be at risk for low birth weights. Also, gum disease can cause the body to produce hormones to cause early labor. The risk of having a baby early is very real. Continue reading Importance of Keeping Great Oral Health and Prenatal Care


Are you someone who suffers from grinding their teeth? There are many people who suffer from this issue, and it can actually leave the jaw feeling sore or even numb. What about clenching? This can result in similar problems also. Some people do not even know they have these problems until they go in for a dental visit. They then find out that the pain is actually caused by bruxism. Bruxism is a terribly bad habit of clenching your teeth or even grinding them. Continue reading Why Grinding Teeth Is Bad for Your Health


Unfortunately for most, a toothache will likely sneak up on you at some point in your life. As much as we can try to have a solid oral care routine, there is still the possibility. When thinking of a toothache, most people would automatically assume that it is due to a cavity. However, there are many other possible causes of a toothache.
Continue reading Thinking your toothache is from a cavity? Here are some other possible causes of toothaches

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